Pan-African Investment Boutique

We aim to deliver superior financial returns while helping shape a more prosperous, inclusive and carbon-neutral future.

Our Strategies

Africa Climate Action Strategy

  • Seeks attractive financial returns investing to facilitate Africa’s energy transition and climate change resiliency
  • Invests predominantly in infrastructure-related real assets across senior debt, structured credit, asset-backed and hybrid securities
  • Embedded ESG and impact analysis

Africa Credit Opportunities Strategy

  • Seeks to deliver compelling total returns balancing capital growth, income generation and risk mitigation
  • Invests with an opportunistic approach across sovereign and corporate credits, primarily in hard currency bonds across sovereign and corporate credits
  • Embedded ESG and impact analysis

Our Investment Approach

We are value-oriented investors with a strong emphasis on finding mispriced risk and deploying patient capital with a long-term orientation. We seek quality assets to mitigate downside risks, patient capital to exploit market inefficiencies, and to spread risk through diversification

Focus on value and quality
Exploit market inefficiencies
Efficient diversification

Impact Intent

Private capital is essential to accelerate the transition to more inclusive, sustainable prosperity in Africa. We actively seek investments across four themes that contribute to the SDGs and a climate-neutral global economy.

Climate Action
Investing in the transition to a low-carbon future while expanding access to affordable and reliable energy.

Inclusive Prosperity
We focus on sustainable business models solving societal needs, creating jobs, and fostering inclusive economic growth.

Governance & Transparency
We combine impact measurement rigor and active engagement, driving accountability and deepening the integration of sustainability factors.

Deepening Underserved Capital Markets
We mobilize private capital to provide long-term financing for infrastructure development and create alternative funding options for growing enterprises.

Be different | The path to sustainable long-term returns